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English time

Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892–1950) was an American poetess and playwright. Her first book “Renascence and other poem” was published in 1917. She was noted for both her dramatic works, including “Aria da capo”, “The Lamp and Bell” and for such lyric verses as “Renascence” and the poems found in the collections “Second April”, “The Ballad of the Harp-Weaver”. She became the winner of Pulitzer prize in 1923.




If I could give you diamonds,

For each tear you cried for me.

If I could give you pearls,

For each truth you’ve helped me see.


Then you’ll have a treasure, mother,

That would mount up to the skies.

But that wouldn’t almost match

The sparkle in your kind and loving eyes.


But I have no pearls, no diamonds,

As I’m sure you are well aware.

So, I’ll give you gifts more precious

My devotion, love and care.


Edifying story


One day a wise man came across two boys who quarreled with each other. They argued about something loudly. The sage approached them and saw that children argued about a nut. He told that he had an incredible solution to this problem. He took a nut and divided into two parts. Wise man put the walnut into his mouth. He gave one part of the shell to the first boy, another part to the second and the sage continued his way.

In conclusion, useless arguing and warlikeness causes to lose all things on your hand.


Prepared by: Dilnavoz



Step crossword





  1. 1. A demonstrative adjective.
  1. 2. You eat and speak with the help of it.
  1. 3. You put them on in the morning.
  1. 4. An uncertain or unspecified thing.
  1. 5. Your father’s father.
  1. 6. It comes after the fifteenth.
  1. 7. Not the same.
  1. 8. At that place.
  1. 9. Two people are together.


Prepared by Sh. Karimova

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