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English time (2018-yil 6-son)



There were a lot of animals. They were horses, donkey, cow, goat, ship. Animals were clever, kind, friendly and honest. One day they were very hungry. Then they were going to the garden and went together because they did not have anything to eat. There were a lot of grasses in the garden. While they were eating grass, suddenly, somebody came. Animals noticed and whispered each other. That man saw the animals and came to them.

Then asked: “Why are you eating grass in my garden? Who is your master? Have you got a master, or not.”

Horse said: “We have got a master but he is very bad, unkind, angry, rude person”.

Donkey said: “He always hits us.”

Cow said: “Even, he doesn’t give grass and water us.”

Then, that man wanted to look after animals and said: “If you want, I shall look after you.”

All animals were very glad and danced, when they heard such pleasant words.




People are very clever, knowledgeable and conscious in the world. If we are going to explain something they will understand us soon. Furthermore, there is unconscious, angry, impolite and bad people in our society. Therefore, our granddad and granny said that our five fingers weren’t the same, so we can see different people in our life. We mustn’t live without aim in our life. For instance, you know we are pupils, so, we go to school every day and certainly we must learn everything very well at school. However, some pupils don’t know why they come to school. So I can say loudly, people shouldn’t be lazy, they should always be active, creative and be energetic.


One “spoon” soup


Barno‘s granny said to daughter-in-law to make one spoon bitter soup.

Barno heard granny’s words at that time. Barno came to the kitchen and looked at the pot. Her mother was preparing a meal,.

– Mum, – she said surprisingly.

– What is matter?

– Why aren’t you doing my granny’s words?

– Oh, here is, – said her mother. – I am making soup.

Barno curled her lips and looked at her mother:

– My granny needs only one spoon soup, not one pot.



the pupil of school № 20 in Jondor district Bukhara region


Prepared by: Dilnavoz

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