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Saytimizda bir-biridan qiziqarli maqolalar, hikoyalar, ertaklar va she’rlarni o‘qishingiz mumkin. Turli fanlarga oid ma’lumotlar bilimlaringizni yanada boyitishga yordam beradi!

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Hello, my dear friends! You know, we are born three times in a year, The First is in our birthday, the second is in a New Year and the third is in the first June – Childrenʼs day. Happy Childrenʼs day!


If your hope is strong,

If your dreams are come true,

You can achieve whatever you want,

You wonʼt feel blue.

On this day so happy and new,

Let me wish you,

A happy Childrenʼs day to you,

Have an amazing day!


I have prepared a tiny gift for you! Do you wonder? Are you interested in being great painter, photographer, journalist, poet or writer? As you know, the festival Spring of Uzbekistan was held in last month. The whole participants were specialist of their field. I would love to share their motivational inspiration and impressions.


Hamidjanova Dilzoda (photographer)

Well, the festival was very striking. Would you like to travel? If you want to find self-reliance, self-realization and new good friends, this festival is open for everybody. But being participant demands responsibility. You should research, begin being more creative from today to carry such kind of festivals on. Maybe we will meet You next time.

Abdumadjidov Avazjon (painter)

I have been inspired by my new friends who live in life with hope, belief and create new miraculous works of art. I have comprehended once more Arts depends on other sort of art such kind of poetry, music and others.

Zulkhumor Orifjonova (poetess)

Figuratively, I am indebted to Khiva. Because I could feel elevation of my spirit here. Festival is plain means. The best thing which I found here is unforgettable memories.

Sirojiddin Qorabekov (painter)

I have been a time here. That is the second and different from the first because I came here with creators. I have appreciate Khiva is not odd historical town. He is himself alive, great history.

Sardor Temirkxanov (writer)

I am sure, I miss everybody, everything I take a lot of experiences in three days.

Kuzimuradov Jonibek (photograher)

Really, I have counted myself as an experienced photographer so far. There wasnʼt my name in three the best ones. I was upset then. So I deduce I have some defects. Thus I should correct them.

Dostonbek Rahmatullayev (dramatist)

It is known in the world at present, The Art is an image of sense and feelings of human being. Our creation is a picture of our heart. This festival was an area to shape our creation and to be born new works.


Prepared by: Dilnavoz Najimova

Author of the photos: Hamdamjon Mamamdaliyev

(participant of festival)

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