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Legend about Temur

Temur was defeated in the initial battle for Samarkand and retreated to a mountain. Old woman named Darxan lived there. Soldiers wanted to sleep here because of being tired. The old woman greeted them with a good mood. In habit, she should show hospitality them. She was poor. So she cooked only Atala. She put it on the table. Temur had eaten nothing for a long time. So he gobbled it up in a hurry and he seared his mouth. Old woman didn’t know who was this person. So she said to him: “Your eating looks like Temur’s attack on Samarkand”. He is also hasty like you. Temur asked: “What should he do?” Old woman answered: “Firstly, he should accumulate soldiers, not being in a hurry. Secondly, he should attack small regions before attacking Samarkand”. Temur was impressed this truth and fell in thought. After then he tried never to be hasty. When Temur was a king he said to this woman: “Ask what you want”. Old woman told: “I need not anything. But can you make a stream for people?” Temur satisfied. Stream of Darxan which named that old woman’s name exists now.



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