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The lion and the rabbit

A cruel Lion lived in the forest. He killed and ate a lot of animals every day. The other animals were afraid of Lion would kill them all.

The animals told the Lion, “Let’s make a deal. If you promise to eat only one animal every day, then you don’t have to hunt and kill us.”

The plan sounded well thought out to the Lion so he agreed but he also said, – “If you don’t come yourself every day I’ll promise to kill all of you the next day!”

Each day after that one animal went to the Lion so that the Lion could eat it. Then all the other animals were safe.

One day it was Robbit’s turn to go to the Lion. The Rabbit went very slowly that day so the Lion was angry when the Rabbit hardly arrived, the Lion angrily asked from him “Why are you late?”

“I was hiding from another lion in the forest. That Lion said he was the king so I was afraid”.

The Lion told the Rabbit “I am only king here! Take me to that other lion and I will kill him”.

The Rabbit replied “I will be happy to show you where he lives”.

The Rabbit led him to a well in the middle of the forest. The well was very deep with water at the bottom. The Rabbit told the Lion “Look there, the lion lives at the bottom of this well”.

When the lion looked at the well, he could see his own face in the water. He thought that he was the other lion. Without waiting another moment the Lion jumped into the well to attack with him.

He never came back.

All the other animals in the forest were very pleased with the Rabbit’s clever trick.

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