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“Young translator” competition

Hello, my dear friends! How are you? As you know, we advertised about the competition that called “Young translator” last year. We have received a lot of letters for a year! We defined our winners! We congratulate all of them and wish good luck! Are you interested in them? Of course, we inform about our winners! My friends, do you want to be such kind of competitions again? What do you want to read in our page “English time”? We will expect your points. Let’s acquaint our victors!


E’zoza Yuldasheva, Kashkadarya region Karshi city student of special school named after Abdulla Oripov, owner of the first place.

I have been a friend of “Gulxan” for five years. It is a pity that journal has reached us late. I try to be the best pupil in school. I like all subjects. Especially, I am keen on Mother tongue, Literature, English, Russian and History. I used my dictionary and tried to translate by my own. Besides that, last year I participated in “Bilimlar bellashuvi”, “Kamalak yulduzlari”, “Yosh kitobxon” and other competitions. My book – “Dil iftixori” was published.


Durdona Khudayberdiyeva, Tashkent region Buka district student of the seventh school, owner of the second place

It is great honour for me participating in this competition. I have not expected to win. I am very thankful and grateful to my teachers, parents for it. I hope you will organize such kind of competitions more and more. They help us to learn English better.


Munisa Murodova, Bukhara region Bukhara city student of the third school, owner of the third place

I aimed to test my knowledge by participating in this competition. I have been interested in English since my childhood. My sister studies on tourism field. When I saw her speaking with tourists I envied her. Thanks everybody. I think, conversing with somebody is the best way to learn any language. In addition, it is important to raise our vocabulary. Reading English books helps us to learn the language also.


Dinara Kurbonalieva, Fergana region Qushtepa district student of the forty third school, owner of the third place

English is not taught in our school. But cause of interest in this language I have been learning it for two years independently. I was very cheerful, when I heard about this competition because I wanted to test my knowledge on English. I translated the story “Lion and rabbit” and I showed it to my uncle Nurillo Omonov. I want to say thanks to people who organized this competition.

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