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Greedy fox

One of the days holiday was held in the house of Bear. All off the animals were invited to this party. There was a Fox among animals too. There was a rule that it would not be let eat anything before noon. Holiday began in the morning. The party was enjoyable. Fox was hungry, but it could not eat anything because there were not meals on the tables. Bear’s kitchen was locked. Fox could not endure hunger and made a decision to trick.

– Bear, my friend, your blouse is so beautiful. May I try it on? – asked Fox.

– Of course. Because, you are my friend too, – said Bear.

Fox worn the blouse and stole the key of the kitchen from its pocket. Then it opened the kitchen door that no one could notice him and saw many boxes which were full of honey. Fox ate the honey, he was full. Its blouse and face were spotted with honey. Then Fox put off its blouse, tossed to corner and run away. He was very tired, then stopped under a shady tree to have a rest and soon slept. When he was sleeping, bees were piled its mouth up and cracked. Whole body of the Fox was swelled.

Finally, Fox was regretful for eating much honey in spite of being full. After this event, Bear knew that Fox did this work through own blouse spotted with honey.

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