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Saytimizda bir-biridan qiziqarli maqolalar, hikoyalar, ertaklar va she’rlarni o‘qishingiz mumkin. Turli fanlarga oid ma’lumotlar bilimlaringizni yanada boyitishga yordam beradi!


Welcome, winter!


Your late dawns

And chilled breath

Make me lazy,

But I love you


Terry Guillemets



The book is wealth. But not be bought, be read is wealth. (Asqad Muxtor)


Talking with polite people is better than odour of beautiful flowers. (Otalar so‘zi)


The book is the base of the creation, intellect, knowledge wisdom and the best thing to teach the life. (Amir Temur)


One day people asked Alexandre Great:

– Why do you respect more your teacher than your father?

– Because my father has descended me to the Earth from non-existence sky. But my teacher has risen me to heavens.


Lukhmoni Khakim said his son:

– My child, always remember your mistakes. But, forget your kindness. If you can’t do goodness. Never do evil deed. If you can’t say polite words, do not talk gossip.


Clever person consults with another one before doing something. Then works. But stupid person firstly begins to work. Then confers with somebody. (Otalar so‘zi)


The person who doing something without haste speeds up reaching the goal.

(Mukhammad Zekhniy)


Prepared by Dilnavoz Najimova

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