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Saytimizda bir-biridan qiziqarli maqolalar, hikoyalar, ertaklar va she’rlarni o‘qishingiz mumkin. Turli fanlarga oid ma’lumotlar bilimlaringizni yanada boyitishga yordam beradi!

Autumn vibes

Have you noticed that autumn has come? I was the first to look at the sky and realized that autumn had come. Dawn is red as the red leaves of trees. Somehow cool but pleasant autumn wind is blowing softly on face. The streets are also no longer as noisy and crowded as before. The silence is everywhere and you can hear only the occasional rustling of the yellow leaves of trees. If you look at the autumn landscape you see a picturesque view. Everyone knows that autumn always brings rainy days, grey and heavy clouds and nice winds. It is very pleasant to us to look at this wonderful sky, gold and yellow trees and others. So, go outdoors and enjoy this amazing time! Breathe deeply and feel autumn vibes everywhere!

Mohichehra Nematillayeva,

The student of the 2nd academic lyceum

under the Navoi State Mining Institute

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