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Do we need extra activities?

Every people own special talent and ability. Someone is able calculate and conduct research in a field. However they are not good at art. Someone draws or sings very beautifully, on the other hand they have a problem in school subject. Firstly, extra activities are very useful for toddlers and pupils who are in primary grades. Higher grade students should determine their specialization. Extra activities enable to discover our ability. Nowadays there are a lot of additional courses in different fields such as foreign language courses, courses in the exact subjects, additional activities to shape and develop creativity like sculpture, music, theatre and so on. Two years ago when I was 12 years I went many outside school clubs like dancing and drawing. I was very interested in them. However I do not attend any out-of-school courses at the moment. Because I am engaging in exact subjects like physics, math and English which very important for my future profession. Briefly, I want to say that out-of school activities and training with sport are very important to us because they make us creative and healthy. As if children engage in these activities since their early age, afterwards they will grow as a talented and smart people.



10th grade student of Tashkent

High school named after Mirzo Ulugbek

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