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My Dears, these questions for you, What do you think about them?

What does it mean to have “mixed emotions” about something? How do all of our different feelings relate to each other? Can you have joy without sadness? Why is it important to feel a range of emotions?

Some of the movieʼs scenes are sad and scary. Is it OK for a kidsʼ movie to not be cheerful and silly all the time? How much scary stuff can young kids handle?

What problem does Riley think running away will fix? Why is she wrong? What could have happened to her if sheʼd gone through with her plan?

The characters in Inside Out learn and demonstrate many important character strengths teamwork, communication, self-control, compassion, perseverance, integrity, and empathy. Why are these important?

My dear, what kind of films do you like and why? Write down about them. I will be look forward to your answers.


By Dilnavoz NAJIMOVA

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