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Useful mobile apps

Hi my dear friends... We are studying online due to quarantine time. Today we want to introduce useful mobile apps. Whether you want to teach your preschooler the ABCs or read a great interactive story, yes, thereʼs an app for that.


Khan Academy Kids After providing and confirming an email address, parents create a user account for each kid using KHAN ACADEMY KIDS. When kids start, they meet and play with friendly animal guides. Then, activities are automatically presented according to age and past performance. Topics rotate among math, logic, and socio-emotional learning games, videos, and books, with opportunities for exploration and creative expression. If kids get tired of responding to learning games, they can draw and then narrate a story as they move objects around the screen, read a book, or listen to a song.


Codea Codea is not a game, rather it is a software development tool that includes resources to teach kids to program in the Lua programming language. Tweens and teens familiar with programming can pick it up and pretty quickly start writing their own programs, like games or other graphics, for the iPad. It offers a step-by-step guide for beginners. User-friendly, though, does not mean easy. Programming is challenging, and kids should not expect to pick this up for a few minutes and whip up their own featured app. Learning to program takes time, patience, and focus. The tool is straightforward, though, with no game-like bells and whistles, so kids will need to find some internal motivation to work through it. But for those who are motivated, Codea puts the resources kids need to learn and practice programing on the iPad.


Reason Compact – Make Music Users can create songs. Then they can share their creations as sound files or as files formatted to work with more powerful music production tools. Digital audio workstation (DAW) tool is for schools and professionals. The free app comes with three built-in instruments (drums, bass, and a main synthesizer) and several demo tracks in different genres (like techno and hip-hop). Users can also purchase additional instruments, sound packs, and effects. helps teens build their vocabularies by turning learning about words into a game. As they improve in their understanding, theyʼll receive more challenging words. Theyʼll also gain an understanding of the parts of speech, the makeup of words, and how to use context clues to determine word meaning. Specialized word lists also allow teens to practice words theyʼll find in specific books, historical documents, and academic subjects or on SAT preps. As they play, theyʼll see which words they master and which need more work, providing some focus for their practice.

By: Dilnavoz NAJIMOVA

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