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A book and a reader

The synopsis looked good,

The cover looked nice,

You opened the book,

And began a new life.

You found a new home,

You meet some new friends,

You kept on reading,

Hoping it would never end.

You danced through the pages,

You sang out the words

You felt all their joy,

And all their pain and hurt.

The pages curt your fingers,

And the words cut your heart.

Like the author had a knife,

And was tearing your soul apart.

You laughed with the characters

And with them you cried,

You fell in love with them, too,

But with them you died,

And when the book reached its end,

And your broken heart couldnʼt heal,

You suddenly realized that itʼs not real.


Why should we read book?

1. Books help to feel more confident.

2. Books help to travel around the world in the cheapest way.

3. Books develop your personality.

4. Books provide food for thought.

5. Books make you laugh and think.

6. Books draw you towards perfection.

7. Books stimulate you creativity.

8. Books bring out writing talent.

9. Books help in communicating.

10. Books clear your vision.

11. Books satisfy your curiosity.

12. Books help you make more choices.

13. Books make you powerful.

14. Books spread love, affection and knowledge.

15. Books take you to intellectual environment.

16. Books broaden your horizon.

17. Books bring about a “personality change”.

18. Books increase comprehension.

19. Books provide mental and physical relaxation.

20. Book build your self-esteem.



Dilnavoz Najimova

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